Literary Competition Winners 2018

Congratulations to the winners of the Samuel Eells Literary & Educational Foundation 2018 Annual Undergraduate and Graduate Literary Competitions.

2018 Undergraduate Competition Winners

Grand Prize: Daniel Pearl Award for Literary Excellence


  1. Brennan K Burns, University of Pennsylvania 2020 for “Metropolitan”
  2. Julia Levine, Wesleyan University 2020 for “That House”
  3. Daven McQueen, Brown University 2019 for “Disappearance in a Mid-Sized Town”


  1. Joseph Bell, Columbia University 2020 for “Forfeiting Morality: Systemic Evil Underlying the Abu Ghraib Scandal”
  2. Liam Carpenter-Urquhart, Brown University 2019 for “A Place to Be Somebody”
  3. Michelle Fisher, Wesleyan University 2019 for “Rules of Reproduction: Legitimating Gestational Surrogacy through Narratives of Altruistic Motivation of Surrogate”


  1. Ezra Lowe, George Washington University 2020 for “Chickadee”, “Eosphorus Undone”, and “Character Study of a Young Man’s Teeth”
  2. Jillian Pizzuto, Binghamton University 2020 for “I Wish I’d Turned Off the Damn AC”
  3. Ria Malones, Ursinus College 2020 for “The Mask” and “Dear Former Self”

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Writing

  1. Dori Hicks, Binghamton University 2021 for “Dementia: More Than Meets the Eye”
  2. Amber Chong, Columbia University 2021 for “Man and Bird and Beast”
  3. Tara Rini, Binghamton University 2019 for “The Effects of 6-OHDA Lesioning on Handedness in Rat Models of Parkinson’s Disease”


  1. Campbell Silverstein, Wesleyan University 2019 for “Body of Work Titled ‘Good Boys Never Sleep'”
  2. Morgana Van Peebles, Columbia University 2020 for “Reach Out”, “Comfortable Cloud”, and “Kids in the City”
  3. Alexander Schneiderman, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2019 for “Forum Romanum, Roma”

Visual Art

  1. Julia Levine, Wesleyan University 2020 for “Cerulean” (wheel thrown stoneware)
  2. Andie Dolan, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2019 for “Classic Bentley” (chalk drawing)
  3. (3rd place tie) Griffin Bader, Cornell University 2020 for “London Calling” (painting)
  4. (3rd place tie) Julia Illana, Brown University 2019 for “Inside Out” (embroidered clothing)

Music and Lyrics

  1. Tommy Song, Columbia University 2020 for “Not Far Away” and “Riverside”
  2. Alyssa Gengos, Columbia University 2020 for “Phone’s Dead” and other works
  3. Sheung Him Jason Tang, University of Pennsylvania 2018 for “Sparkle” and other works


  1. Miranda Hoyt-Disick, Wesleyan University 2019 for “Famous Last Words”
  2. Jack Warren, Wesleyan University 2019 for “Shine”
  3. Danielle Stolz, Columbia University 2019 for “Heinrich and Freidrich’s Great Adventure”

2018 Graduate Competition Winners


  1. Nessa Burns Reifsnyder, Bowdoin College 1986 for “Don’t Say His Name” — Award to charity
  2. Harper Hansen, George Washington University 2018 for “The Apotheosis of George Washington: Constantino Brumidi’s Homage to America” — Award to charity
  3. Madeleine O’Brien, Wesleyan University 2016 for “Forevergreen” — Award to charity


  1. Jason Haas, Wesleyan University 2000 for “Pebbles” — Award to charity
  2. Jason Haas, Wesleyan University 2000 for “PBvG” — Award to charity
  3. No award given


  1. David Jilk, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1985 for “Distilled Moments” — Award to charity
  2. Sharisse Kanet, Wesleyan University 2006 for “As if” and other works — Award to charity
  3. Ian Hochberg, Brown University 2001 for “Dea’s Post” — Award to charity


  1. Joseph Staub, Wesleyan University 1992 for “Doughnut Shop Coffee” series — Award to charity
  2. Sharisse Kanet, Wesleyan University 2006 for “Cows and Garbage” — Award to charity
  3. Beth Hollander, Brown University 2004 for “Wind through the Fenceposts” — Award to charity