Literary Competition Winners 2012

Congratulations to the winners of the Samuel Eells Literary & Educational Foundation 2012 Annual Literary Competition.

Grand Prize: Daniel Pearl Award for Literary Excellence

  • Charles Cook, Chapman University 2013 for “Standing Ground” (film category)


  1. Benjamin Jones, Brown University 2013 for “Stained Glass”
  2. Mahayah Phillips, Stanford University 2015 for “The Make-up of a Massacre”
  3. Siqi Liu, Brandeis University 2015 for “Steel”


  1. Jessica Jordan, Wesleyan University 2013 for “Holy Ghost”
  2. Phillip Trammell, Brown University 2013 for “Real Illinoisan Don’t Drive Automatics”
  3. Cade Leebron, Wesleyan University 2014 for “Reclaiming a Body”


  1. Stephen Haw, University of California, Berkeley 2015 for “Precious”
  2. Ezekiel Richardson, Stanford University 2014 for “Oranges”
  3. William Braff, Kenyon University 2013 for “Why Do I Write?”


  1. Cade Leebron, Wesleyan University 2014 for “Granada”
  2. Adam Wang, University of Toronto 2013 for “Calligrapher”
  3. John Seale, Brandeis University 2015 for “Outside Shapiro Dormitory on a Snowy Day”
  4. Honorable Mention: Cade Leebron, Wesleyan University 2014 for “Elementary”
  5. Honorable Mention: Dash Walczak, University of Washington 2013 for “Burrito Lunch”


  1. Michael Yeung, University of British Columbia 2013 for “Love’s First Minute”
  2. Michael Rose, Brown University 2013 for “Paperwork”
  3. no winner

Music & Lyrics

  1. Kyle Leonard, University of Washington 2013 for “Machines”
  2. Etrus Hunt, Wesleyan University 2012 for “Flowing is Half the Battle”
  3. Alex Rossie, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2013 for “How Soft a Caterpillar Steps”