Literary Competition Winners 2011

Congratulations to the winners of the Samuel Eells Literary & Educational Foundation 2011 Annual Literary Competition.

Grand Prize: Daniel Pearl Award for Literary Excellence

  • Hope Williard, Brown University 2011 for “Fortunatus and Corporality”


  1. Lindsey Grimes, Wesleyan University 2012 for “Ten Million Strangers”
  2. Marissa Bergman, Brown University 2014 for “Beauty in the Breakdown”
  3. Katherine Sorin, Columbia University 2013 for “The Suicide Party”


  1. Connor Hanten, Stanford University 2012 for “The Skeleton of Technology”
  2. Dan Ping He, Wesleyan University 2013 for “Big Big Auntie”
  3. Olivia Lenz, University of Pennsylvania 2013 for “Metaphor, My Ass!”


  1. Gabrielle Beans, Columbia University 2014 for “Constance in a Time of Manic Pixie Dream Girls”
  2. Annie Williard, Brown University 2011 for “After Effects of Time Travel”
  3. Nathan Margolin, Brown University 2011 for “We Hold These Truths”


  1. Kim Ladd, Wesleyan University 2013 for “Joon”
  2. Adam Wang, University of Toronto 2013 for “Late Night Snack”
  3. Lei Li, Brandeis University 2014 for “Living with the Flow”